From “House of Possibilities” to Casa Tagomago #1

How Casa Tagomago was Restored

We really enjoyed the renovation of the house. It was so satisfying to see that old, ramshackle abode come back to life again, transformed into a comfortable and attractive holiday home. We are grateful to all those involved in this project. Although there were a few hiccups and frustrations, we can safely say that it was a pretty problem free restoration. Now that we know the village and many of its inhabitants, some of whom are related to the previous owners of the house, we hope that Casa Tagomago perhaps serves as a small tribute to the people who have lived there.

La casa de las posibilidades, Casa Tagomago Valle de Lecrín, Granada jpg

“La Casa de las Posibilidades” before becoming Casa Tagomago

In March of 2005, we started our search in the Alpujarra, which we love, but soon decided that this was not ideal for us. It had to be the Lecrín Valley. Now we had chosen the desired location we had to find the house! We spent our two weeks’ holiday in Restábal, looking at all kinds and styles of houses in all kinds of locations. It was such fun!

As we were still working full-time, very full-time, we thought that renovation was out of the question so we started looking at houses that had been fairly recently refurbished. The houses that were within our budget had very few of the features we were looking for ie: good location, a decent amount of outside space, good views, roof terrace and at least 2 bedrooms. What’s more they needed extensive redecorating too. So we started looking at places in need of restoration and found two that we liked. We put in an offer for them both! Our offer was turned down, which was somewhat upsetting at the time but in hindsight a blessing!

We had to return home to Ibiza without our house but with lots of great memories, ideas and some frustrations. However, we now had an even clearer image of what we wanted. We spent a lot of our free time over the next few months scouring the websites trying to discard places that we liked the look of and making a shortlist of places we wanted to see or visit for a second time.


The ground floor sitting room “before”

In November we returned for 5 days to the Valley, this time staying in Albuñuelas in a dear little house that was for sale. A charming place but we decided that we actually had to look for somewhere a bit larger, as we planned to spend longer periods there when we retired. This was when we decided that our dream location would have to be in Restábal, Saleres or Melegís. So among other places, we finally decided to look at “Casa de las Posibilidades” as Ron, the agent, had named it. This house had intrigued us right from the beginning but we thought it to be too large and a bit over our budget. How wrong can one be! We fell for it straight away. The location is perfect, the views are literally breathtaking and by knocking down all the animal sheds we could have a good sized patio and the roof terrace only needed stairs up to it!

The before of the upstairs sitting room Casa Tagomagojpg

The “before” of the upstairs sitting room

We put in an offer and it was accepted. On 15th. December 2005, we became the proud owners of a house in need of complete restoration. We couldn’t be present for the exchanging of contracts as we owned toyshops in Ibiza and our priorities at that moment were behind the counter!! The adventure had begun…


The view from the first floor “before”!

At the beginning of 2006 we started to look for an architect and a builder in the hope of starting the restoration work as soon as possible. After a couple of false starts we finally found an excellent architect who recommended local builders to us. We were on our way!


A first floor bedroom “before”!

During our holidays in March we really got down to the nitty gritty and spent the two weeks sourcing building materials, wooden beams, tiles, bathroom fittings etc. We had been told that if we did as much of this as we possibly could ourselves the discounts would be for us! There was also another advantage to this – time. Building was still very much big business in 2006, meaning that our buliders would have taken a lot longer to finish the work if they had to do this part of the job as well. We got to know all the builders merchants along the old Granada road from Dúrcal to Armilla where we found most of what we needed! Sadly several of these businesses have had to close down since then.



The patio “before”

By June the plans were drawn up to our liking and we had found the carpenter who would make all the windows, doors, wardrobes and the kitchen cupboards as well. The next step was to wait for planning permission to come through – and here we came up against – August! No local council meetings in August so no plans forthcoming. Frustration on our part and on the builders’, as they had hoped to start before the end of August. Fortunately they were able to start on 7th. September, 2006. 

Casa Tagomago “After”

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