Lecrín Valley Monuments – The Church in Restábal

The Parish Church of San Cristobal in Restábal

As you know, the church has always been important in village life and the Lecrín Valley is no exception. It’s at the centre of life in rural villages, together with the town hall, the school, the village shop and the bar.

Home to one of the three parishes in this region, the church in Restábal dates from 1501. Built in the Mudejar style, it’s possibly one of the first to be built in the Valley and was originally dedicated to Santa Maria.

San Cristobal, casa rural Valle de Lecrín, Granada

The church in Restábal

For many years the villagers venerated an image of San Cristóbal in an old hermitage on the edge of the village (now a private house). In 1792 San Cristóbal became patron saint of Restábal. However, it wasn’t until 1872, after some legal wrangling that San Cristobal’s image was moved to the church which then took on the name of its patron saint.


Mass was said here while the roof was being repaired

It seems that this church is rather accident prone, in 1568 the moriscos burnt it to the ground during an uprising. In 1965 fire once more destroyed the building. This time precious documents and images were also lost. Rebuilt the building, the villagers raised funds to help replace statues and images. Just recently part of the wooden roof over the altar collapsed during mass As luck would have it no one was injured but for several months services were held outside. On the positive side, not long after this unfortunate incident, the outside was repaved in the typical granadino style, a huge improvement I’m sure you’ll agree.


The typical cobblestones newly laid in front of the church

The fiestas of San Cristobal are held on 25th. 26th. and 27th. December every year, making the Christmas festivities particularly lively. All kinds of jollies are organised and the two patrons saints, San Cristobal and Our Lady of the Rosary, are taken in procession through the narrow streets of Restábal. During the fiestas of 2017, the parish celebrated the 225th anniversary of the patronage of San Cristobal.

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