The Müller Gardens in the Lecrín Valley, Granada

Visit these Romantic Gardens in Nigüelas

Planning a wedding or just a garden lover? Whatever, don’t miss a visit to the Müller Gardens. Imagine wandering in the cool, green shade of these charming gardens. Only fifteen minutes from Restábal, in the Lecrín Valley village of Nigüelas, you’ll find this hidden gem, owned and run by the same family since 1955.

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Anyone can enjoy the Müller Gardens


The origins of these beautiful, classical gardens are lost in the past but the history of the Valley and elements of the gardens themselves suggest an existence of many hundreds of years. A huge chestnut tree calculated to be over 600 hundred years old is a witness to this. The original “acequia” (irrigation ditch) is still used to water the gardens. The sultans and nobles of Moorish Granada used to spend the hot summer months in the Lecrín Valley, due to its more benign climate.


The ancient chestnut tree, a witness to the garden’s history


Could this have been the site of nursery gardens cultivated by the Moors to provide the plants they would have required for their mansions in the capital? Maybe even for the Alhambra Palace?

The gardens have belonged to the Müller family since 1955 and have been carefully restored back to the French style of XVIII and XIX centuries. Whenever possible, a member of the family greets each visitor and walks them through the history and delights of this wonderful place. Their love and pride in the gardens and each and every plant is patent, as well as their desire to retain this inheritance for many years to come.

Situated on the edge of the Natural Monument of the Falla (rift) of Nigüelas, the gardens make a truly magical venue for all kinds of social celebrations and functions, such as weddings and photo shoots.

The Müller gardens in Lecrín Valley, Granada

The gardens are situated on the edge of the Nigúelas geological fault


Whilst you’re in Nigüelas, don’t forget to visit the Casa Zayas, now the Town Hall and its small romantic garden.

Phone the Müller Gardens to check on opening hours on +34 659 62 78 66. Or email them at [email protected]

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