Mansions and Palatial Houses. What to See in the Lecrín Valley

The Casa Palacio Zayas en Nigüelas

The Lecrín Valley has always been a place favoured  by noble and bourgeois families for building their summer mansions. Something that dates back to Nasrid times when, even, the Caliph’s court moved to the Valley in times of political turmoil. In all the villages you’ll see palatial houses and mansions with coats of arms over the door. Today the Valley is still a place valued among people of many nationalities for its peace and tranquility.

The Casa Palacio Zayas in Nigüelas is an outstanding example of palatial mansions in Granada. Since 1992 the house is the Town Hall of this historic Lecrín Valley village. A mansion with a beautiful central courtyard  leading to the recently restored Romantic Garden. Both house  and garden open to the public during office hours on weekdays, we recommend a visit.


The Romantic Garden at the Town Hall in Nigüelas

This is the description given by the Town Council of Nigúelas: –

It is a manor house of 16th. century, located in the town of Nigüelas – Granada (Spain). It responds to the type of Granada palatial architecture, a powerful building centered around a patio with a marble fountain and surrounded by columns, with a garden-kitchen garden at the back. It was conceived as a recreational estate, where ornamental gardens, vegetable garden and architecture are integrated into a walled enclosure that prevents viewing from the outside. The building has undergone numerous renovations. The last heiress of the Zayas family, Doña María Antonia Zayas-Fernández de Córdoba and Ossorio Calvache, Delgado and Contreras de la Vega, Zea and Martín de Medina y Aranda, bequeathed her patrimony to the Zayas Foundation that bears her name. In 1992 Nigüelas Town Council carried out an expropriation of the romantic garden and the building, which was restored to house the town hall, a use that continues today. In 2014 the adjacent land was acquired, creating a new garden and an auditorium at the entrance of the municipality.

The Zayas’ house, in addition to keeping its structure intact, has been equipped with furniture from the Universal Exhibition of Seville and part of the rich furniture of the old Bib-Ataubín palace.

It is open to the public on week days during office hours. The gardens and the Serafín Hervás auditorium are also open on weekends for free.

Romantic garden, Nigüelas Casa Zayas, Lecrín Valley Granada

Enjoy the peace of this charming garden

In the village of Nigüelas you’ll also discover an old, oil mill, el Molino de las Laerillas. Whilst you’re in the village, don’t forget to visit the  Natural Monument, La Falla (geological fault) de Nigüelas. All this just fifteen minutes from Restábal. 

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