Afternoon Tea Granada – A Cake Named After a Pope

Sweet Treats in Granada

If you have a sweet tooth this is bound to interest you! In 1897 Ceferino Ysla Gonzalez set up his own cake shop in the Calle Real in Santa Fé, just 10 minutes from Granada. Ceferino was very devoted to the Virgin Mary. Just a few years before, Pope Pius IX (Pïo in Spanish – Nono – nine) had proclaimed the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Because of this Ceferino decided to pay Pius homage by inventing a cake named after His Holiness.


Piononos Pastelerías Isla, Santa Fe, Granada

Each pionono is bite size, inspired by Ceferino’s image of the Pope. Cilindrical in shape, somewhat plump (moistened sponge rolled in on itself), dressed like a Pope with a white cassock (a white paper case) crowned with pastry cream, sugared and toasted (to represent the Pope’s skullcap).

Cafeterias Isla, Granada,Piononos Santa Fe

Just one of the enticing Pastelerías Isla in Granada

This imaginative creation has since become Granada’s most popular and international cake. Pasteleria Ysla celebrated it’s 120th anniversary last year and is still on the same street in Santa Fe. For more sweet treats visit Cafetería Rey Fernando, founded in 1945 and located on the main square. Their tempting chocolate version of a Pionono is pictured below.

El Rey Fernando, Santa Fe Granada Pionono

Pionono covered in chocolate made at Cafetería Rey Fernando

Santa Fe is the home of Piononos so there are several inviting choices of cake shops and cafes selling the yummy bites. In recent years, both Pastelería Isla and Cafetería Rey Fernando have opened shops in Granada itself. You’ll find the array of different cakes, pastries, smoothies and ice creams hard to resist.

Piononos Rey Fernando, Granada

New look Piononos at Cafetería Rey Fernando

You can buy Piononos online to be sent almost anywhere in the world. Take a look at the online shops Pastelerias Isla and Cafetería Rey Fernando

Santa Fe is about 40 minutes from Restábal in the Lecrín Valley. Why not visit this historical town and try the Piononos. You’ll probably want to take some home!

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