Am I Allowed to Light a BBQ in the Summer in Andalucía?

 At this time of the year, we all enjoy meals outdoors, gathered around a barbecue while the chops are grilling. Sounds simple doesn’t it? And it is but there are a few things to bear in mind. We were reminded of the state our planet is in by the celebration of World Environment Day last week, so let’s just make sure everything is in order before lighting the charcoal.

Are there any Special Regulations for BBQs in Andalucía?

They are quite similar to those of the rest of Spain’s regions but, to clear up any doubts, here are the details for you.

General Regulations

According to the Regulation for Prevention and Fighting of Forest Fires, in forest lands and areas of forest influence “it is forbidden, during all seasons of the year, to light fires for any use other than the preparation of food in places expressly prepared for that purpose, with the exception of the use of fire in agricultural activities”.

Forests, Lecrín Valley, Granada, Andalucia

No BBQs allowed here.

Beware, in Summer this Changes!

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development reminds you that from June 1st to October 15th, a period of high risk of forest fires in Andalua, the use of fire and the transit of motor vehicles in the forest areas and their area of influence is forbidden, that is to say, in a strip of 400 metres around these zones.

Here’s the Nitty-gritty!

Therefore, during the summer months stated above, barbecues will not be allowed even in places authorized for that purpose (recreational or camping areas).

Forest fires in Andalucía, Spain

Fire fighters risk their lives to protect our forests skeeze / Pixabay

How does the Regulation affect the use of the BBQ on our patio?

As we are more than 400 metres from a forested area and within an urban one, you can grill your chops and sausages with peace of mind. However, in order to enjoy your meals a la fresca without any upsets, we suggest you take the utmost care. Sparks can fly quite far and we are close to agricultural land. There’s a hosepipe on the terrace, so a good place to light the BBQ is just by this.

Emergency number 112, Restábal, Lecrín Valley, Granada, Andalucía

Emergency number 112 fsHH / Pixabay

In case of emergencies, whatever they might be, remember that the number to call is 112.

Here’s to a tasty BBQ.