I Found the Best Bakery in the Lecrín Valley, Granada

Shopping in the Lecrín Valley

Many of the Lecrín Valley villages can only boast one or two shops at most, although they tend to be pretty well stocked. To counteract this lack of shop fronts, local salesmen visit the villages in their little vans selling, bread, fish, fruit, clothes, eggs and a motley array of goods. The drivers make their presence known by honking on their klaxons. To me the snag to this method is knowing which horn is announcing which produce, as they all tend to sound like banshees. Just as you think “Ah great, here’s the fishmonger” and dash out to find him in the street behind, it turns out that there is no one in sight! Tricks on one’s hearing played by the narrow, winding streets? Maybe!

As well as these klaxon, crazy vendors, many of the villages have a weekly market, albeit very small but still worth a visit. In Restábal each Saturday the market is  dedicated mainly to clothes, slippers and household goods on about four stalls. I can highly recommend the slippers, well worth buying.

Local Markets and Supermarkets

Don’t despair, other shopping options are to hand. For those who still need more, the larger villages offer a wider range of commercial establishments. In Dúrcal, the largest village nearest to Restábal, the two big supermarkets, together with a good selection of small shops provide for most of ones daily needs. We particularly like one of the greengrocers where they sell excellent fruit and veg, much of it locally grown. Wednesday is market day in Dúrcal and you’ll love the buzzing, lively atmosphere. See for yourself in the video I made on a visit to the market.

One of our Favourite Bakeries

The Panadería San Blas is another shopping Mecca in Dúrcal that we can highly recommend. A family run bakery on the main drag, on your right as you drive in from Restábal. You can often park nearby.


Delivering the bread in the fifties. Source Panadería San Blas

We particularly like their roscos, yummy, crumbly biscuits just made for dunking. They bake two versions, the traditional recipe with lard or the new, “healthy” ones made with extra virgin olive oil. You will want to take some home, get them to put them in a box for you and make sure they go hand luggage marked “fragile”!

Roscos made in Durcal. Lecrin Valley

Mouth watering bites, try dunking!

You might also like their home made olive oil, bread sticks. For good bread get there early, they make enough for the day and it disappears fast. In the video, preparing hornazos, a typical bun made especially at Easter. A slightly, sweet bread dough with aniseed and a hard boiled egg in its shell set in the middle of each hornazo. The video is by the president of the Lecrín Valley Tourist Association of which we are members.

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new bakery in Restábal itself. Just a few metres from Casa Tagomago, you can imagine the joy of freshly baked loaves for breakfast. They also sell fruit and vegetables, as well as some local products like honey. More about this when we have more information to share.

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