What to Eat in the Lecrín Valley, Granada

Try Some Tasty Tropical Fruits

Tropical fruits? In Granada? Yes, of course why not? I understand your confusion, you see photos of snow topped mountains and know that the Lecrín Valley is in rural Andalucía, so where do the tropical fruits come from? Granada’s coast is known as the Costa Tropical for its benign climate, which enables the cultivation of fruits that we usually imagine as imported from far flung places. The slopes of the Alpujarra, on the southern side of Sierra Nevada, reach almost to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This means more rain and snow melt resulting in rich, fertile coastal land. Add the many hours of sunshine and you have the perfect climate for these fruits.

Exotic Fruits from the Costa Tropical

tropical fruits imagen de balt en Pixabay-465832_640

Delicious fruits portrayed by balt on Pixabay

In my previous post about visiting Motríl, I mentioned the market there. This is one of the best places to find these exotic fruits. The mangoes are to die for and custard apples or chirimoyas cost around a euro per kilo in season. Some avocados even come without a stone, whilst you’ll see kiwi trees growing all along the coast. The Costa Tropical is one of the few places in Spain where sugarcane is still grown. Used for sugarcane treacle as well as for making Ron Montero at the rum distillery in Motril. Why not pay them a visit when you’re there? But there’s more, local growers now produce the pitahaya or dragon fruit as well as passion fruit, star fruit, guava and papaya. Take a look at the choice offered by Huerta Tropical. Try their version of gin and tonic with passion fruit (Maracuyá) and  some grated, fingered citron, it looks so refreshing.


What Grows in the Lecrín Valley?

The Lecrín Valley, halfway between Granada and the coast, is also blessed with abundant water from the same source as the Costa. Ideal for citrus fruits, grapes, apricots, peaches, figs, persimmons, pomegranates, walnuts and almonds, as well as lovely, bright green avocados.

Tropical fruits in Durcal, Lecrín Valley villa Restábal Granada

Tropical fruits at the market in Durcal, ten minutes from Restábal

So when you’re exploring Granada or visiting a local market don’t be surprised to see a colourful selection of tropical fruits. Just think of that delicious fruit salad you can make when you get back to Casa Tagomago! ¡Buen provecho!