Colourful Fiestas in Restábal, Lecrín Valley, Granada

July in Restábal Means “fiesta”

From 26th. July, Restábal celebrates the fiestas in honour of Santa Ana, one of its patron saints. Over three intense, days the village becomes a hive of activity when villagers and neighbours get together to commemorate the feast in traditional style.

Devotion to their patron saint takes the form of religious services and processions through the village. The revelry includes all ages and begins with the church bells ringing on the morning of 26th. July, followed by chess and football tournaments. Next up, a fiesta bar opens, offering a ham and cheese tasting for all those present. Later the Queen of the Fiesta and her ladies are chosen and the day ends with the usual street party, music and dancing.

Foam Fiesta, Restábal, Valle de Lecrín, Granada.

Fun and games with foam in Restábal. Photo credit Mercedes Ruiz

The next day, no one is allowed to stay in bed later than 9.00, a local band performs the traditional “Diana Floreada” or wake-up call to make sure! The rest of the day is taken up with activities for the children. Although, some adults do join in the water party too.

Festival Flamenco Restábal, Valle de Lecrín 2019

An excellent show

Most of the  Lecrín Valley villages are small but If there’s one thing they all excel at, its firework displays.  At dusk on 27th. July, Restábal’s best pyrotechnics act as curtain-raiser to the highlight of the fiestas, the Flamenco Festival, 2019 marks 7th. Edition. Each year brings a talented group of flamenco singers, dancers and guitarists to perform in the cooler, night air. Another street party rounds of the day… and so to bed. The video below was taken by our friend Margaret Burrows, many thanks to her. This is the link

The final day, mainly dedicated to the youngsters, starts later, so everyone can sleep off the excitement of the previous events. Shrieks of delight from the water slide and the foam party prove that everyone is having fun. Next a giant paella provides lunch for all those with an appetite.

This fun video is by María Gutierrez Sanchez, many thanks María. This is the link


After a much needed siesta, Restábal turns into a mini Pamplona and the “bulls” run through the streets, much to the children’s delight. To end it all, another street party, of course, with more dancing and singing. Who has to work the next day?