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Historical Places to Visit

The Royal Chapel in Granada, the final resting place of the Catholic Monarchs, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, is adjoined to the city’s cathedral. Queen Isabel of Castille and King Fernando of Aragon re-conquered Granada from the Moors in 1492. However, the city was still of a firm Muslim leaning still several years after. So, in an intent to win the citizens back to Christianity, Isabel and Fernando decided to make the city of Granada their burial place.  In 1504 a Royal Warrant was issued for the construction of the Royal Chapel and the building lasted from 1505 to 1517. Queen Isabel was originally buried in the Convent of San Francisco in the Alhambra. The convent is now the Parador of Granada.

The Royal Chapel, Granada Lecrín Valley Villa rental

Recently cleaned the Chapel invites us to enter

Who is Buried in the Chapel

In 1521, the remains of the Catholic Kings, their eldest grandson, Infante Miguel, together with those of their son-in-law, Felipe, were finally transferred to the crypt of the Royal Chapel next to the Cathedral in Granada. Their daughter Queen Juana, known as the Loca (Mad One) died in 1555 and she is also buried there. The tombs shown in the photo don’t actually contain the royal family’s remains, these are buried in simple leather coffins, in a small, sombre crypt just below. The visit includes this crypt.


By Javi Guerra Hernando – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, http://bit.ly/2z8br0y

The Chapel and the Museum

The imposing chapel and altar piece are decorated with statues by Diego de Siloé. The altar piece itself is the work of Felipe Bigarny and is considered one of the finest of its kind in the Plateresque style. The small museum displays some wonderful, personal items belonging to the Catholic Kings, together with some excellent portraits.  Since the time of Charles V, Spanish monarchs are buried in the huge Escorial Monastery just outside Madrid.

A really interesting place to visit, the Chapel opens to visitors on a separate entrance ticket to that of the cathedral which is just next door.

Entrance to Capilla Real Granada card.

The entrance to the Capilla Real

Visiting Times:

Monday to Saturday: 10.15 to 18.30

Sunday and Religious Feasts: 11.00 to 18.00

Closed on: 25th December and 1st.January.

Closed in the morning on: 2nd. January and 12th. October

Entrance Fees:

Individual (from 13 yrs. Free audioguide): 5€

Groups: (Free radio guide). 5€

Different capacities: 3.5€

Students: (Up to 25 yrs.): 3.5€

Children under 12: Free

Free visits on Wednesdays from 14.30 to 18.30. Booking required.

Confirm visiting hours on Tel. 958 22 78 48 Email contact: [email protected]

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Entrance to the Chapel and the Cathedral is included in the Granada Card, find out more in our recent post.

To get to the Royal Chapel drive to Granada, turn of to Recogidas and park in the big car park in the Centro Comercial Neptuno just off the big roundabout. Walk up to the Cathedral and the Chapel, about 17 minutes. Right in the centre of the city, there are numerous eateries in the vicinity as well as the Alcaíceria and San Agustin Markets. Enjoy your visit.