An Afternoon Out from Restábal, Lecrín Valley, Granada

We love visiting gardens and this one was a pleasant surprise to us. You will probably have heard of the gardens at the famous Alhambra Palace in Granada, the Generalife Gardens, but did you know that there is a Generalife Chico (a small Generalife)?

Visit the Generalife Chico, Garden of the Senses

El jardín nazarí, Velez de Benaudalla, Granada

Water is an essential element in Nasrid gardens, always present and soothing

Just 20 minutes south of Restábal is the village of Velez de Benaudalla and its attractive Nasrid Garden, also known as the Garden of the Senses. In Al- Andalus, the gardens were spaces for the solace of the senses, for cultivating herbs and medicinal plants as well as producing food products. What’s more, they provided both men and women with five major benefits: spiritual, aesthetic, psychological, scientific and botanical-nutritional. Conceived as a reflection of Paradise, Nasrid gardens combined architecture and plant life to perfection. Fruit trees grow next to huge cypress trees, aromatic plants next to peppers and aubergines, whilst water is omnipresent throughout the garden. Water runs through channels, into fountains and ponds, always with a discreet sound that adds to the peace of the surroundings.

The old water mill, Nasrid Graden, Velez de Benaudalla, Granada

The old water mill in the garden at Velez de Benaudalla

A characteristic element in this historical place is the Vertical Garden. A sheer drop of strange, sharp shapes caused by the long, slow lime scale sedimentation. A path leads down the cliff side to cavities and caves with stalactites and stalagmites, one of the caves even boasts a small pool in its interior.

The Vertical Garden, Nasrid Garden, Ve,ez de Benaudalla, Granada

Don’t miss the Vertical Garden

Do not believe that tomorrow you will be in Hell. One does not enter into Hell having been in paradise!

Ibn Jafaya S. XI-XII

Typical Nasrid fountain, Nasrid Garden, Velez de Benaudalla, Granada

Fountains are simple, the sound of water a peaceful murmur

How to Get There

When you reach Talará Lecrín, instead of turning towards Granada, turn left to Beznar and join the A44  motorway towards Motríl at exit 167 then exit 175 to Velez de Benaudalla. If you have time, I’m sure you’d enjoy an alternative route on the old Granada Motril road from Restábal, through Pinos del Valle and down to Los Guajares and on to Velez de Benaudalla. 

The garden at Velez de Benaudalla is open Wednesdays to Saturdays. Contact for guided tours. Information in the house.

Entrance is 3€ per person. Guided visits, minimum 9 people 2.€ per person. Entance free for children under 4 years. 50% discount for pensioners over 65 and for the disabled.

First published by Susan at Casa Tagomago