Shopping in Restábal, Lecrín Valley, Granada

Let’s Shop Local

Shopping in Restábal. We always like to visit local shops and markets when we’re on holiday. How about you? Do you prefer large supermarkets or the smaller, local places? In small villages like Restábal, the shops are an important part of village life. Not just from a commercial and economic point of view. For many of the elderly, shopping can be their main social activity during the week. Gossip, politics and a wry sense of humour can make a visit to the local supermarket a source of entertainment. 

Shopping in Restábal

Although the population of Restábal only numbers about 400 souls, the village boasts two supermarkets, a bakery, a tobacconist and a chemist. As well as all these, local tradesmen visit daily in their little vans offering an assortment of goods such as bread, fish, eggs and charcoal. What’s more, every Saturday is market day with three or four stalls selling shoes and slippers and household goods. Visitors are always welcome and soon become known to the shop owners and their regular customers. Don’t hesitate to mention you are staying at Casa Tagomago, they’ll find out anyway!

Supermarket Coviran Maria del Mar

Supermarket Coviran, Restábal, Lecrín Valley Granada

Buying fruit in Supermarket Coviran Maria del Mar

Coviran is a large chain of supermarkets, well known all over Andalucía. Most of the villages in the Lecrín Valley have a Coviran. This one in Restábal sells a wide range of goods from meat and fruit to tupperware style containers. They have a good choice of wines and other beverages. Good, friendly service. There is usually a catalogue of discounted items.

Supermercado Coviran, Restábal, Casa Tagomago, Valle de Lecrín, Granada (

Shopping at the well stocked Coviran in Restábal

Open every day, except Sunday, from 9.00 to 14.00 and 17.00 to 20.00
Find them on: Calle Santa Ana, 13, Restábal. 210 metres on foot from Casa Tagomago.

Supermarket Maria Jesus

Supermercado Maria Jesus, Restábal, Valle de Lecrín, Granada

Supermarket shopping in Restábal with a smile from Maria Jesus

Very near to Coviran, you’ll find this independent supermarket run by Maria Jesus and her husband Manolo. Well stocked, selling excellent local sausages and in season their own olive oil. They also run the tobacconist next door.

Shopping, Supermarket Maria Jesus, Restábal, Valle de Lecrín, Granada

What shall we have for lunch today?

Open every day from 9.30 to 14.00 and 17.00 to 21.00. Sunday from 9.30 to 14.00.
Find them on: Calle Santa Ana 14, Restábal. 180 metres from Casa Tagomago.

The Farmacia Ana Maria Martín Gijón

Shoppin, Chemist in Restábal, Casa Tagomago, Lecrín Valley Granada

So handy to have a Farmacia so close to Casa Tagomago

Located on Avenida de Andalucía 19, Restábal, the chemist is right opposite the Townhall. Pleasant and attentive.
Open from Monday to Saturday 10.00 to 14.00 and 16.30 to 20.00. Saturday, mornings only. 260 metres from Casa Tagomago.

The Bakery – Pan de Antaño Fruto de la Tierra

Shopping for Pan del día en Panadería Restábal, Casa Tagomago, Valle de Lecrín, GranadaJPG

Fresh bread for breakfast every day

Recently re-opened, the bakery is a welcome addition to the shopping in Restábal experience. Not just fresh bread daily but also delicious cakes and pastries, as well as fresh fruit, a lot of it local.

Bakery in Restábal, Lecrín Valley, Granada

Shopping for some goodies, served by Monica

Open every day from 8.30 to 14.00 and 17.00 to 20.00.
Find them on: Avenida de Andalucía 2, Restábal. 160 metres from Casa Tagomago.

So you see, if you’re not in the mood for getting in the car for your food shopping it doesn’t matter. All the essentials are just a couple of hundred metres from the house. And remember, if you don’t feel like cooking, there are two top-notch restaurants in Restábal and another one in nearby Melegís. Read more in our post: Eating Out in Restábal

Published by Susan at Casa Tagomago