Salobreña Costa Tropical Granada 4 Things Not to Miss

 4 Things to Do in Salobreña

Let’s go on a day visit to Salobreña on the Costa Tropical Granada, just 30 minutes from Casa Tagomago. Salobreña’s old town is a charming warren of narrow streets, perched high on a rocky crag about 100 metres high. It’s also a seaside town so the possibilities for enjoyment are twofold. We suggest 4 things not to miss.

Costa Tropical Granada 4 things not to miss, view from castle Salobreña

The view over Salobreña’s coastline from the Arab Castle

The Old Town

A visit not to be missed on your way up to the old castle. The town comprises 4 barrios or neighbourhoods, La Loma, El Brocal, El Albayzín y La Fuente. El Barrio del Brocal is the town’s lower neighbourhood, originally built inside the town walls, later extending outside them. Quaint houses, set higgledy-piggledy on steep winding streets and alleyways make for an interesting, if steep, climb up.

Costa Tropical Granada, 4 things not to miss, Salobreña old town

Narrow streets full of charm lead to the Arab Castle

On your way, it’s probable you’ll come across the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary with its striking door. Built over the Muslim mosque in the 16th century in the Mudéjar style it’s worth a visit if you have time. Near the church, you’ll find La Bóveda, an interesting arched passage way that originally communicated El Albayzín with the ancient Medina.

Costa Tropical Granada, 4 things not to miss, La Boveda, Salobreña

La Bóveda passage way in Salobreña old town

The Arab Castle

Everyone loves the romance and excitement of an ancient castle. What do they conjure up in your imagination? Jousting, imprisoned princesses, intrigue and foul play?

Costa Tropical Granada, 4 things not to miss, Salobreña castle

Enjoy panoramic views from Salobreña’s castle

Situated on the top of the crag, the views from the castle are amazing. On one side, over the town and the Costa Tropical Granada, on the other inland towards Granada and Sierra Nevada. Evidence of Phoenician and Roman remains were found in the surrounding area. However, the Arabs were the creators of the fortification we see today. Excavations show it dates from the 10th century. Divided into 3 distinct areas, the interior being the old Nasrid palace and the other 2 part of the Castilian defence systems dating from the 15th century.

4 things not to miss, Arab Castle Salobreña, Granada

The Arab Castle clinging to the rocky crag

A fortress also used as a summer palace but more infamously as a prison for several of the Nasrid monarchs, including Muley Hacen. The legend goes that one of the imprisoned princes, Yusuf, delayed his execution by playing a game of chess. Sentenced by his sick brother, the then Sultan, Yusuf asked for a last wish before his execution, to finish his game of chess. Granted the wish he delayed all he could until his brother died and Yusuf’s supporters finally made him Sultan of Granada in 1408.

Costa Tropical Granada, 4 things to do, Salobreña, paseo de las flores

Stroll round the Paseo de las Flores Park just below the castle

The barrio surrounding the castle is El Albayzín, where the town first developed. Below the walls, you’ll find the Paseo de Las Flores, first populated in 2000 – 3000 BC. Now a park with views toward Sierra Nevada and the orchards of subtropical fruits and sugar cane typical of the area, it’s an attractive place for a short rest. The cultivation of these fruits gave the region its name of Costa Tropical Granada.

For more details and opening times visit: Salobreña Tourism

On your way down to the coast on the Costa Tropical Granada, why not visit the Parque de la Fuente – Fountain Park, on Avenida del Mediterraneo, which leads you to the sea.

The Beaches – Costa Tropical Granada

Costa Tropical Granada, 4 things to do, Playa de La guardia, Salobreña

Playa de La Guardia, Salobreña. Eat at La Bahía

Salobreña is blessed with several attractive beaches. The largest being Playa del La Guardia and Playa de La Charca/Salomar. Two long wide beaches peppered with typical chiringuitos – beach bars. Ideal with children, plenty of space to run, fly kites and play. In between the two, is the Peñon, a rock promontory with a restaurant on its lower slope.

4 things not to miss Playa de La Charca Salomar, Salobreña, Granada

Try the chiringuitos on Playa de La Charca/Salomar

Further round from Playa de La Guardia is Playa del Caleton, a smaller rocky cove. Going in the other direction towards Motril is Playa Punta del Río, another long sandy beach, named for its proximity to the mouth of the River Guadalfeo.

Where to Eat

4 things not to miss, La Bahia Restaurant, Salobreña

Delicious fresh fish at La Bahía

The choice is large, chiringuitos, mesones, pizzerias, cafes and bars. The chiringuitos seem the ideal place for fresh fish. We have tried both El Peñon and La Bahia, almost opposite one another and can recommend them both. At the first we had a tasty rice with bogavante, or European lobster. At La Bahia, we’ve eaten excellent fresh fish.

4 things not to miss, octopus on espetos. El Peñon Restaurant, Salobreña

Barbecued octopus and sardines at El Peñon

For a list of others visit: Salobreña Tourism Beach Bars 

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Post and photos by Susan at Casa Tagomago