A Lecrín Valley Outing. Visit Charming Cónchar


Lecrin Valley outing, village of Cónchar

The Placeta Durcal in the white village of Cónchar

The White Village of Cónchar another Lecrín Valley Outing.

On a sunny day in December, this Lecrín Valley outing took us to the small village of Cónchar at the foot of the Sierra de Albuñuelas, beside the Río Durcal. Another charming village in the Valle de Lecrín. Set in the river’s gorge it retains the atmosphere of days long gone. Narrow streets and alleys surprise the wanderer with sudden vistas of the mountains and the gorge.

What to See – Where to Eat

The church of Saint Peter is in the Mudéjar style. Like many churches in the Lecrín Valley, it has suffered several reconstructions, either due to damage by fire or by earthquake. Today, however, it is beautifully restored and surrounded by an attractive square.

Lecrín Valley outing, Saint Peter's church Cónchar

Saint Peter’s church in Cónchar

During a walk around this pleasant village, it is probable you will come across the bakery, owned and run by Daniel. A traditional village baker’s where you’ll find local pastries named “Danielitos” after the baker. Don’t come away empty-handed!

Lecrín Valley outing, narrow streets in Cónchar, Granada

Wandering in the narrow streets of charming Cónchar

Lunch time, so we made our way to the outskirts of the village to the Restaurante Las Albercas de Cónchar, where our friend, Clemente, runs a small hotel and restaurant. Well worth the visit, Clemente’s mother is in charge of the kitchen. She prepared a remójon de naranja, Cónchar style (Orange salad typical to the Valle de Lecrín) and the most delicious dish of fried courgettes for starters. Our main dishes were rice with rabbit and puchero de hinojos (fennel stew, also a typical Valley dish), both excellent. Wines from the province of Granada accompanied all these delicacies, while we sat by the wood-burning stove, with some “Danielitos” to finish.

Booking is essential as the food is bought and cooked on demand.

Lecrín Valley outing, Fennel stew at Las Labercas de Cónchar

A local speciality, fennel stew. Photo courtesy of Las Albercas de Cónchar

Fiestas in Cónchar

The patron saint of Cónchar is San Roque, whose feast day is on 16th August. On 6th January the village celebrates the Fiesta del Mosto (unfermented grape juice) and on 25th July there’s a romeria (pilgrimage) and an evening street party. Fun and games for everyone.

Lecrín Valley outing, fiestas in Cónchar, Granada

Fiestas in Cónchar

The statistics of the population of Cónchar are something of a mystery. The best I could find was one page that stated 300 souls and another that boasts 450! So I am open to correction on this point! In any case, we sensed that although a traditional village, it is very much alive.

We left Cónchar well satisfied with yet another Lecrín Valley outing – Satisfied from every point of view!

Cónchar is only fifteen minutes from Casa Tagomago. It is also possible to walk there along a footpath leading from Restábal via Melegís and Murchas, but this is a longer excursion.

Post by Susan at Casa Tagomago

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