Discover One of the Best-Known Lecrín Valley Monuments

Lecrín Valley Monuments – La Lonja de Restábal

We love visiting monuments when on holiday. I feel sure you would like to discover some Lecrín Valley monuments when you visit Restábal. This one is particularly interesting, there aren’t many villages that can boast about their old fish market – La Lonja in Spanish! Watch out for it on your way down Calle Iglesia to Casa Tagomago.

Lecrín Valley monuments, La Lonja Restábal

La Lonja at the end of Calle Iglesia. The stone wall is possibly part of the old Nasrid tower.

Located on the Calle Real, the old road from Granada to the coast, this small building, La Lonja, is something of a mystery. Little is known about its origins, although it is believed it was built as a fish market around 1930.

Lecrín Valley monuments, Old fish market Restábal

Inside the old market, looking up Calle Iglesia

However, a recent restoration uncovered what must have been the village fountain. You can clearly see the three holes of what would be the three pipes in the sandstone masonry on the back wall. Above these one can just make out what could have been the royal coat of arms. It is thought that this wall was part of an old Nasrid defence tower. For many years, the Calle Real – Royal Road – was the passage for fishermen and travelling salesmen from the coast to Granada, so it seems logical to find a fish market built by the fountain.

Lecrín Valley monuments, Old fish market Restábal

In this wall, notice the holes where the pipes would have been.

It is very likely that the fountain dates from the 18th century, when noble families from Granada built their summer houses in Restábal. There are several houses showing coats of arms in the village. one of them on Calle Real itself, at number 17, behind Casa Tagomago. We believe Casa Tagomago stands on what could have been the stables or outhouses of this old noble residence.

Lecrín Valley monumentsLa Lonja Restábal, Valle de Lecrín (2)

The old fish market on the Calle Real, a stone’s throw from Casa Tagomago

The only fountain existing today in Restábal is very close to Casa Tagomago, on Calle Fuente Baja that leads down from Calle Real.

If you’re staying at Casa Tagomago, the small square in front of the old market is a good place to park to unload your car. The villa is only about 20 metres away.

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