The Best Café for Chocolate con Churros in Granada

Good Things to Eat in Granada

Have you ever tried chocolate con churros? The sweet treat that’s definitely one of the best ways to warm up on a cold winter day in Granada. Thick, hot chocolate with hot, crispy churros for dunking. Truly good churros are made on the spot and at this café they “churn” them out one after another all day.


Where can you find them? The Cafeteria Churreria Alhambra in the Plaza Bib Rambla in Granada.

When? All day from 8 am to 10 pm from late October to May.

How many do you get? 5/6 churros per portion.

How much? About 4€ for a cup of hot chocolate and a portion of churros.

Chocolate con churros churreria Alhambra, Granada

Delicious hot chocolate with crispy churros!

Certainly the best churros and chocolate we’ve tried in Granada.

Remember that this café gets very busy. The best time to go during the week is around 5 pm. Expect queues at any time in the afternoon. There is a terrace with heaters which can also be packed whatever the temperature! Service is usually quick, you’ve never seen so many waiters in one place. ¡Buen provecho!

Sweet treats from Susan at Casa Tagomago