Wine in the Lecrín Valley. Vino Valle de Lecrín Granada

Wine in the Lecrín Valley – Celebrating the Grape Harvest

Wine making in the Lecrín Valley

This year the grape harvest in the Lecrín Valley started towards the end of September.  Although a little later than usual, it seems that the quality of the grapes is excellent which will surely result in some really special wine.

At Hacienda Señorío de Nevada the first grapes picked were the Vijiriega variety. These grapes produce a mosto (grape juice) with a bouquet of banana and green apple, ideal for their 2018 Señorío de Nevada White wine.

Wine Vendimia Señorío de Nevada, Villamena Valle de Lecrín Granada

To celebrate the completion of a good harvest, the Hacienda are holding a Grape Harvest Festival Open Day this coming weekend, 14th. October. From 12.00 to 14.00 the bodega’s wine experts will be on hand to show visitors the whole wine making process, from the vine to the bottle.


After, you are invited to try traditional dishes at 10€ per portion,  such as

  • Carne en Salsa – Meat in sauce
  • Arroz campero – country-style rice
  • Costillas con miel – Spare-ribs with honey
  • Croquetas – croquettes
  • chorizo y morcilla – chorizo and black pudding
  • Cazón en adobo – dog fish in marinade
  • huevos rotos – an egg dish
  • Salmorejo (4€ portion)

And for pudding? – at 4€ each

  • Tiramisu
  • Crema catalana

If this tickles your fancy, don’t forget to book here: ☎️ 958 777 092 o 1f4e7 [email protected]s

The Hacienda Señorio de Nevada in Villamena is just 15 minutes from Restábal.

Casa Tagomago  inos Señorío de Nevada Valle de Lecrín RT e1550211089654

We have tried the Señorío de Nevada red wine on several occasions and can highly recommend.

Photo credits: Hacienda Señorío de Nevada on Facebook

Wine Making in Restábal

Wine making, grape harvest Alto Valle, Restábal, Lecrín Valley, Granada jpg

Wine is made even closer to home than Villamena. A neighbour of ours in Restábal is the brains behind Alto Valle Vino de Autor, a small winery growing grapes at an altitude of 840 metres. This is wine making in a truly artisan manner.

Wine making, Alto Valle Vino de Autor, Restábal, Lecrín Valley Granada jpg

Using traditional methods and equipment, recruiting help from friends and neighbours Alto Valle Vino de Autor produces a red, a white and a rosé each year. Wine made with love and care. Can’t wait to try the next one!


Carlos is a young entrepreneur, keen to learn from experts and experiment with the produce from his small vineyard. Proof of the wine is in the tasting, one of our favourites is his 2016 Arrendajo. While stocks last, a bottle of this is our welcome gift to you when you stay at Casa Tagomago. Let’s hope there’s more for next year!

Wine Alto Valle Vino de Autor, Restábal, Casa Tagomago,Lecrín Valley villa Granada

Photo credits: Alto Valle Vino de Autor on Facebook

Wine made in the Alpujarra

For our next wine we’re going a bit further afield but only as far as La Alpujarra Almeriense. The Alpujarra is the region on the southern side of Sierra Nevada, shared by both Granada and Almería.

As you’ll have gathered, we really enjoy trying local wines, this one we bought in Lanjarón. A red wine produced in Laujar in the Alpujarra of Almeria. The name Tetas de la Sacristana – literally “Breasts of the Sacristan’s Wife”  at first may seem somewhat irreverent and Tetas-de-la-Sacristana-Vino-de-Alemría-Casa-rural-Valle-de-Lecrín.provocative. However, it appears that this is the name of the area where these vineyards are located. Surrounded by the mountains of Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Gador, these lands have been producing wine for centuries. Today the local producers are working hard to combat climate change by planting Cabernet Sauvignon at greater altitudes than is usual.


This particluar wine is a selection of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tempranillo. We have tried it and liked its dark cherry colour and pleasant, interesting taste. It’s also very good value for money.

I will admit that, apart from the fact that we wanted to try a wine from this area, the name definitely helped us to decide on this one!

Wine tasting with Susan at Casa Tagomago