Granada, The Lecrín Valley Village of Restábal as I See It

The Lecrín Valley Village of Restábal as I See It

Restábal, our “Adopted” Village in Granada

There are many reasons why we chose Restábal for our holiday home. The situation is almost unbeatable, close to everything and far from everything else! The village clings to the foot of Canjorros Hill, near to the confluence of the Saleres and Dúrcal Rivers, surrounded by beautiful landscape. The views over the Beznar Reservoir and the Lecrín Valley towards Sierra Nevada seduce the visitor.

La Calle Iglesia, Restábal, Valle de Lecrín

La Calle Iglesia, Restábal, Valle de Lecrín

The inhabitants, restabeños and restabeñas, some 480 souls, are hospitable and hard-working people, endowing their village with a friendly atmosphere, receptive to strangers.

River Izbor, Lecrín Valley villa rental Restábal.

The Rivers Saleres and Durcal unite just below Restábal

Restábal has some interesting monuments, its church dedicated to San Cristóbal, its old fish market and the remains of an Arab fortress on the outskirts of the village. High and low neighbourhoods (barrios) are crossed by the Royal Road, or Camino Real, from Granada to the coast, a road that once brought riches to the region. As in many of the Valley villages, you’ll see houses with coats of arms, formerly belonging to merchants and nobles of Granada.

La Lonja Restábal, Valle de Lecrín (2)

La Lonja, the old fish market, jus ta stone’s throw from Casa Tagomago

Lecrin Valley history is closely linked to its Arab past, the same as the whole province of Granada, and going in search of Restábal’s Castle is a small adventure. Hidden on a hill above the village, finding the ruins of the castle is a challenge. To reach the ruins, with incredible views over the valley and Restábal, to imagine the ancient inhabitants of these old walls, makes us feel that we have conquered the castle ourselves. Unfortunately today only a few remnants of the walls and bastions but the old water deposit is still intact, making the visit worth it just to see this and the place itself. How to find it? We have everything planned, the route is described in the house.

Restabal-Castle-Lecrin-Valley-Granada1 (2)

The remains of the old Moorish Castle, set on a hill high above Restábal

Peace and tranquility or active tourism … the choice is yours. The long distance hiking trail GR-7 / E-4 passes through the town itself but besides this there are countless trails for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. Don’t miss the Orange Blossom Route, recently approved and sign posted by the Andalusian Federation of Mountaineering.

And for food? There are two well-stocked supermarkets, a typical restaurant, bar and another, more modern restaurant. In both you’ll discover tasty, traditional dishes from the Lecrín Valley. In addition there’s a tobacconist and a pharmacy.

La fuente, Restábal,Valle de Lecrín, Granada

La Fuente Baja in Restábal, Lecrín Valley, Granada

This fountain is at the end of the street where Casa Tagomago is located. Of modern construction, its waters are cool and crystalline. Even today, some village women come down here to fill their bottles to take home for drinking and cooking. I marvel to see them, loaded with up to 6 bottles of a litre and a half going up the hill. I ask them if the water is better than from the mains, they say it’s similar but that “they have to do something”! Old habits die hard. How happy that makes me!

If you visit our adopted village, do tell me if you find any other reasons for choosing Restábal … I’m sure there will be!

Photos and post by Susan at Casa Tagomago