Shopping for Gifts Granada – Fajalauza Pottery

Shopping on Holiday – Arts and Crafts

Local arts and crafts are always something to watch out for on holiday and pottery is something most people like to discover. So let’s take a look at Granada’s traditional blue and white ceramics.

At the time of the reconquest of Granada by the Catholic Kings, the Albaicín district was populated by artisans and falconers at the service of the Nazrid (Moorish) Kings. The Fajalauza Gateway gave access to the potters district and after 1492 many Muslims remained in the city and continued with their trade, designing pottery in a style that has carried through to our days.

Fajalauza tiles in the Alhambra, Granada, Andalucía

Fajalauza tiles in the Alhambra Palace in Granada

By the early 16th. Century several factories were established in the district, distributing their wares to outlying areas. The production was mainly of household crockery, pitchers, jugs, cups, plates and large dishes. Tiles, glazed roof tiles and fountains were also made. Designs were simple – flowers, birds, fruits, including the pomegranate, the symbol of Granada, and geometric motifs. Colours were always glazed greens or blues on a white or off white background.

Ceramica Fajalauza, casarural Valle de Lecrín Granadac

Fajalauza pottery jar in the family bathroom at Casa Tagomago

All this can still be seen today and the pottery is still made by artisans from family potteries established in XVI century, such as the Morales family of Fajalauza Ceramics, who have been connected with this pottery since 1517. Other family names that are still producing Granada’s typical pottery are Alonso, Cebrian, Herrera, Martinez, Moreno, Puertollanos, Serón…we hope the tradition continues, although in present times these craftsmen are struggling to maintain their art.

Shopping Pottery-Lecrín-Valley-holiday-home-Granada

Visit this wonderful shop in front of the cathedral

If you like arts and crafts, a piece of Fajalauza pottery would make a good souvenir. We suggest you visit Miguel Muñoz, the small shop on the corner of the Plaza de las Pasiegas, in front of the cathedral in Granada. You’ll find a wide choice of traditional pieces together with more modern creations. We find his prices very competitive.