An Afternoon Out in the Lecrín Valley, Granada

Discover the Lecrin Valley Village of Chite.

One of the seventeen Lecrín Valley villages and belonging to the municipality of Lecrín, the charming village of Chite spreads over two barrios (quarters). These barrios are quite different from one another. The barrio alto or upper quarter sits on the hillside whilst the barrio bajo or lower quarter lies on flatter land at its neighbour’s feet. In this last you’ll find the sixteenth century parish church of the Immaculate Conception. Chite is a quiet, picturesque village at the foothills of Sierra Nevada, as the road through the village only leads to the orange groves and orchards.

Chite’s Arab past is clearly evident in the architecture and narrow streets. The village boasts several large mansions, formerly owned by local dignitaries and bourgeois families. One of Chite’s famous sons was the well-known abstract artist, Jose Guerrero, 1914 – 1991.

A mansion in Chite, Lecrín Valley near Granada

One of the imposing, old mansions in Chite

Another distinguished inhabitant (Chitero), Ibn Yaafar, was born in Chite in 1270. After a long pilgrimage to Mecca and the Middle East he settled in nearby Cónchar until his death in 1349. Here he wrote his book the Libro de las Luces “Book of Lights” and became known by the locals as al-Qunyi – “the one from Cónchar”.

After the Christian reconquest of Granada from the Moors, nobles close to Ferdinand, the Catholic King, such as Hernando de Zafra, the king’s secretary, had possessions in the area and the Marquis of Mondejar owned an oil mill in Chite.

On the outskirts of Chite, at El Tejar, there are several caves which were inhabited by locals until after the Spanish Civl War.

Pueblos del Valle de Lecrín Chite, casa rural con encanto Granada

Enjoy picturesque corners in Chite

I know you’ll love ambling through the quaint streets, a peaceful outing for a sunny afternoon. The way down to the lower barrio is extremely steep so make sure you wear good shoes.

Chite itself has no bars or shops but the nearest village, Talará is just a short walk away. Here you’ll find shops, banks, a chemist, bars and petrol stations, as well as our favourite butcher’s, Chacinería Terrón

Chite is less than 10 minutes drive from Casa Tagomago and if you’re feeling really energetic you can walk there along country lanes and paths.